Lace Headbands

IMG_5806 IMG_5826 IMG_5834 Life has been so hectic lately, so I apologize for the lack of posts this past month. I am back and ready to DIY!

On another note, I made these cute headbands the other day. The lace and stretchy elastic at the back are from Mokuba. Although they were really easy to sew, I was so happy to sew something after what feels like an eternity. These little accents are great to incorporate into a spring wardrobe!

Diamond-Inspired Birthday

IMG_5051 IMG_5062 IMG_5066 IMG_5074

My Mom turned 60 in January and, as 60 is the year for diamonds, I decided to bling it up! Every girl likes to feel glam on her birthday =)

The card stock and little gem stickers are from Michaels. The earring hooks are sterling silver and are from the Texas jewelry show last summer. The earrings were then put in a little box and wrapped up in tin foil – in the shape of a kiss! I used vellum paper to make the tag and wrote “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

Although I couldn’t be there for her birthday, I hope this brightened up her day =)

IMG_5027 IMG_5029


This was my first time buying diapers and, admittedly, I squealed in delight when I opened the packages only to find size 1 and size 2 so tiny!! They were so cute.

I went to a baby shower (for twins) in January and decided to make a diaper cake. There are some pretty extravagant ‘cakes’ online, but I decided to keep it simple. The diapers are from the grocery store (obviously) and all the decorations are from Michaels. Since my prego friend doesn’t know the genders of the twins, I tried to keep the colours gender neutral. Everyone at the baby shower enjoyed the cake and it spontaneously became a game – guess how many diapers?

Although there are a lot of diapers, I can only imagine how fast they will be used up and even more so with twins! By the way, the answer was 116.

A Purple and Gold Dinner Setting




You have probably already packed up all your Christmas decorations, but here is something that you can use all year long!

After hearing of a receptionist’s desire for a purple and gold themed Christmas, but not having a big budget, I thought I would surprise her by making some napkins and napkin rings for her dinner place settings.

The napkin rings were made along the same lines as the rope bangles (I’m definitely getting a lot of mileage out of the rope from Canadian Tire!!). The napkin fabric was bought from Fabricland. This was my first time making mitered corners – it definitely takes practice to get the points pointy! Even with some decent tutorials online, it’s definitely something I have to keep practicing to perfect.

Overall, I’m so happy that my friend loved the napkins and napkin rings. I’m also so relieved that I got the right colour purple (the pictures don’t do the rich purple justice)!

No More Make-up Blues

IMG_4930I think it’s about time I bring out a DIY home project! Girls, we all know the same story – you’re looking for that one eye shadow and you can’t find it… it has to be somewhere in your bag (keep rummaging) and it’s always your luck that you keep taking out each item one by one and that eyeshadow you were looking for, of course, has to be the last thing you pull out! Or you’re getting ready for work in the morning and you’re too lazy (or rushing to get out the door) that you end up putting your hand in the bag and whatever you pull out is the colour you will magically wear that day. True story, every day.

This got me thinking… what if I could SEE everything that’s in my bag? I have heard of these high tech (and probably expensive) make-up cases that professionals have that keep things organized, but let’s be real, with all the hair products, etc that girls have, who has room in their bathroom for a suitcase of make-up? Have no fear! Here’s the answer! Magnetic make-up board!! Excitement, yes?!

I made this gem in September 2012. It also just coincided with my boyfriend coming over with a picture frame with the glass broken that a coworker had given him (he told his coworker that he knew I could end up using it somehow)… little did he know how perfect this would be! I went straight to Home Depot (one of my favourite places) and bought a piece of sheet metal, tin snips and spray adhesive. I used leftover fabric from my curtains for the background. The little containers are actually medicine bottles wrapped with the same fabric and I put a button on each bottom to make them more tidy. Bought some magnets and used some really sturdy glue (that is also moisture-resistent… definitely important for items in the bathroom!).  Tada! Make-up problems are out the door, along with my old dirty make-up bag!

Russian Uvarovite Necklace

IMG_5014 IMG_4959 Last summer, at the International Gem and Jewelry show in Houston, Texas, I came across a vendor that had Russian Uvarovite. Although I was not familiar with this particular gemstone, I was initially drawn to the gorgeous green colour and how it had a lustrous, yet raw-like, quality.

Uvarovite turns out to be one of the rarest in the garnet family. The extraordinary brilliance of the emerald-like green is a noteworthy characteristic. Since the crystals are so tiny, it is extremely rare to find a large enough crystal to cut a gem stone. Thus it is more common to find Uvarovite crystal adhered to a rock surface – which is called a drusy. Light catches these small crystals and makes the Uvarovite drusy glisten – it is so pretty! This is definitely my favourite piece from the jewelry convention and I learned something new!

This Russian Uvarovite piece is plated with 24 karat gold. The gold chain is also from the same vendor.

Scrumptious Cookies-in-a-Jar


I made this scrumptious cocoa oatmeal cookies-in-a-jar for part of my Secret Santa gift. I’m sure everyone has seen this idea in magazines, fancy gourmet shops, etc… it has always been something I wanted to try! It was also really easy to make. I used a one litre mason jar and halfed my recipe so that it all fit in the jar. What’s not to love… mason jars (slight obsession), cookies, layers… yum!