Diamond-Inspired Birthday

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My Mom turned 60 in January and, as 60 is the year for diamonds, I decided to bling it up! Every girl likes to feel glam on her birthday =)

The card stock and little gem stickers are from Michaels. The earring hooks are sterling silver and are from the Texas jewelry show last summer. The earrings were then put in a little box and wrapped up in tin foil – in the shape of a kiss! I used vellum paper to make the tag and wrote “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

Although I couldn’t be there for her birthday, I hope this brightened up her day =)

Russian Uvarovite Necklace

IMG_5014 IMG_4959 Last summer, at the International Gem and Jewelry show in Houston, Texas, I came across a vendor that had Russian Uvarovite. Although I was not familiar with this particular gemstone, I was initially drawn to the gorgeous green colour and how it had a lustrous, yet raw-like, quality.

Uvarovite turns out to be one of the rarest in the garnet family. The extraordinary brilliance of the emerald-like green is a noteworthy characteristic. Since the crystals are so tiny, it is extremely rare to find a large enough crystal to cut a gem stone. Thus it is more common to find Uvarovite crystal adhered to a rock surface – which is called a drusy. Light catches these small crystals and makes the Uvarovite drusy glisten – it is so pretty! This is definitely my favourite piece from the jewelry convention and I learned something new!

This Russian Uvarovite piece is plated with 24 karat gold. The gold chain is also from the same vendor.

Rope Bangles


I have been really busy with making gifts this Christmas season. One, it stretches my dollar much further. Two, it’s more personal to give something unique. And three, it’s an awesome excuse to make all these fun things that I’ve been wanting to try!

There was a Secret Santa with some close friends recently and I decided that I would make everything. One gift was the rope bangle. They were very straight forward to make. I got the rope from Canadian Tire and the fabric stiffener and paint from Michaels. As you can see above, I was experimenting with a bunch of different rope and styles. The bow bangle is one of my fave! These bangles are super lightweight, the rope adds an intriguing texture and they also look great paired with other bracelets to create a stacked look.

Bold Blue Braid

ImageThis piece brings me back to my early days of jewelry making. I had to sort through some pictures to figure out when I started… it definitely feels longer than the summer of 2010! I remember making this on my bedroom floor in my student house during university. This was one of the first pieces where I really began to experiment with my own jewelry ideas. I wanted to make something bold and super chunky. I don’t remember what the exact stones are, but the oval spacers are pewter and the findings are sterling silver. The clasps for the necklace and bracelet are magnetic too! Definitely a statement piece!

Orange Creamsicle Hearts


I bought these bali silver beads over a year ago at a bead convention in Toronto. I loved the heart details and thought it would be really cute to pair them with orange beads. It took me a really long time to find orange beads that I liked, but I finally found these stone beads in May that scream orange creamsicle! Yum! Definitely what I was looking for and perfect timing for summer.

The top left bracelet is made of fabric ribbon from Mokuba woven through a chunky chain. I have more than a slight obsession with bows and thought hiding the clasp under a handmade bow would be great! I made a necklace too, so I’ll post both as a set soon.


When I was about eight, my Mom gave me a hand-painted button box. It is filled with hundreds of buttons and a lot of them were once part of my Nana’s button collection. My Mom also added some that she had collected over time. All of them are from project leftovers, spare buttons from garments or gently used buttons from worn out clothes. Since then, I have always tossed any loose buttons into the box. Sometimes I find myself sifting through the vintage buttons just to look for some really interesting ones and it inspired me  to make some jewelry!

I went to a wedding in New Brunswick in October 2011 and decided to make some unique jewelry. Above are the earrings and necklace I made. Since I have so many buttons, I was easily able to match similar colours.

A Little Birthday Bling


What birthday girl doesn’t love a little bling? With my birthday coming up soon and after getting into a pretty bad bicycle accident this past week, I really wanted to make something feminine and sparkly to compliment my birthday outfit and to distract people from the broken nose, newly repaired chipped tooth and many bruises!

This is my first attempt at a hand-stitched beaded hair comb. Hair accessories have become so popular recently, I will definitely be making more! I decided to make the earrings and bracelet simple, as to not upstage the hair piece =)

I bought the pretty pumps from Nine West and this simple but flattering sequin dress from Forever21. I love to make custom jewelry to match an outfit for an event. Can’t wait for my birthday!