Hair Cuts to Hair Mats

Euw, hair mat? Trust me, stay with me here.

Ever feel like you’re in a rut? A haze? A “woe is me” kind of deal? That’s been me recently. Sometimes I craft my way out of it. Sometimes I read/write/yoga/dress up my way out of it. This time, I decided to get a new haircut.


The Before.

Do you have a ritual before a hair appointment? Do you wing it or do you come in with a clear goal? For me, it’s sifting through countless google images. This time, I looked at shoulder length hair styles because I’m definitely feeling the bob style these days. Though secretly wishing my hair was naturally straight so I could get that symmetrical blunt cut kind of look. SO CUTE. The grass is always greener on the other side, right folks? Anyways, I found a few pictures: shoulder length, fine curly hair, side part.

I went to the same hair salon sometime last Fall. Between last time and this time, I had gone to a hair school where students practice and cut your hair for $15. Let’s just say, it didn’t really work for me and I wore a lot of ponytails the past few months. I’m sure the lovely girl who tried her best is a hair cutting queen now. However, this time, I decided to go back to a regular salon and asked for someone who specifically likes to cut curly fine hair. Which makes me wonder, why haven’t I asked that in the past? Seriously, how many haircuts have I had in my lifetime to finally realize this now? Silly me.

Anyways, when I went into the salon, my hair dresser had really cute bangs. It reminded me that I’ve always admired bangs on other people, but felt a little too intimidated to go through with it myself. What if I look like a clown? What if I look like a furry beast? You get the idea. All of a sudden, I had this “aha” moment. “Why not me?”

Spontaneously, I talked myself into it. If it’s SO bad, I can always fall back on the trusty bobby pin.

Curly hair + bangs = a risky move.

Long story short, snip snip… and… BANGS! So thankful that I took the leap because I’m loving it! Quirky, artsy, hipster, “I don’t give a F” (pardon my french) kind of feel. Exactly the change I needed.


The After!

Also, 5 INCHES OF HAIR! It now feels fresh and airy. You know that feeling after a haircut when you run your fingers through your hair and it feels shorter than before? I keep running my hands through my hair and it’s SO SHORT. However, instead of the dreaded feeling “what have I done”, I’m actually super excited about it. I took the leap, I went out of my comfort zone and I survived. Actually, more than survived, I AM LIVING.

Spoiler alert: I may have taken 100 selfies with my ponytail. I’ll spare you the pain and include only three.

I’m donating my hair to the Clean Wave program. Have you heard of it? It’s a great way to donate hair to a cause that has zero criteria on your hair texture/colour/thickness/whatever. It’s not for wigs. You don’t have to grow your hair super long – even dog hair and lint is sometimes accepted. What do they need it for, you may ask? Well, believe it or not, hair is actually an effective way to collect oil from oil spills! According to Clean Wave, “1 pound of hair soaks up 1 liter of oil in 1 minute”. The hair is made into mats and booms to soak up the oil. Although hair isn’t absorbent, it’s adsorbent, so the oil coats the hair (link below). How cool is that?!

Awhile back, I was researching the criteria on hair donations for wig type of charities. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting much validation that my hair would actually be used for a wig. I have fine curly hair and have dyed it in the past. Since these charities get so much hair, they can be very selective. Now don’t get me wrong, these charities are worthy causes. And to all you kind humans out there who have grown and cut your beautiful locks, I have so much respect for you. Seriously, it is such an admirable thing to do. However, due to my current hair, I felt highly certain that my hair wouldn’t work for a wig. Plus, I read somewhere that the rejected hair donations, which I’m assuming mine would be, are sold for as little as $5. Would I really grow my hair out for months, maybe a year, for $5? I might as well just donate $5! In the end, I decided that growing my hair out for a wig type of charity was a little out of reach for me. Amazingly, I stumbled upon this great oil spill mat initiative and it totally jived with me. No hair requirements? Eco-friendly? Totally up my alley!


This is the last photo, I promise ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love that I’m doing something green, while making a healthy change for myself. Who knew cutting hair could be eco-friendly?! As hard as it is to try new things, I’ve lately been feeling that once I’ve made the leap, I’m grateful for it in the end. I need to remind myself to do new things more often. Go for it, people!


Clean Wave initiative at the Matter Of Trust:

Hair Salon: Rare Byrd Salon in Walnut Creek, California.

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