Jewelry Board

ImageImageImageI have a continually growing collection of necklaces (not even getting to earrings or bracelets). They were all kept in separate ziploc bags and filed in tupperware containers and shoe boxes. Not very exciting, plus it was so hard to find anything. Out of sight, out of mind! I rarely wore necklaces because I just couldn’t bother going through my assorted boxes in my closet.

I had a blank wall in my bedroom and thought… Why can’t my jewelry be artwork? I got 1x4s, wood glue and paint from Home Depot. The super cute cabinet knobs are from Anthropologie (they were a little pricey, so I waited to go down to the States where they were a bit cheaper). I had a lot of fun making it and gained more practice using my drill and trying different drill bits! I can definitely say that having my necklaces on display allows me to wear them much more often. Even though I have more necklaces than space on the board, I can always rotate them around to change things up =)


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